Art and cultural heritage preservation law

Artworks and historical real estate properties can represent a significant part of an estate, and their use and possession can imply the obligation to follow some often overlooked rules.

The Firm offers consultancy and assistance activities in this area for individuals, museum institutions and foundations, artists and gallery owners, auction houses and insurance companies providing specific coverage for artistic assets, for aspects related to the protection of artworks and historical assets.

In particular, consultancy activities are often advisable in advance to avoid situations that can lead not only to civil liability but also to violations of rules of penal relevance.

In particular, the Firm deals with:

  • Authenticity and attribution of artworks
  • Circulation of artworks
  • Artwork sales
  • Artwork loans
  • Copyright and related rights on artworks, resale right
  • Protection of photographic works
  • Legislation on artworks and on real estate properties falling under the Code of Cultural and Environmental Heritage

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